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Bridal Hair

Getting your hair “in shape” before your big day is a MUST.

One of the first things we would recommend for you to do is make an appointment with your stylist to discuss your “wedding hair plan”.  Depending on the length of your engagement, you’ve got 6-12 months maybe more to get your hair in tip top condition.  Your top priorities over the next few months is how best to improve the overall health of your hair and grow it out as long as possible.

Some things you’ll want to think about when making an appointment for your wedding hair plan may be:

Hair Colour

Are you wanting to be darker or blonder? Getting the desired hair colour you want for your wedding day may have to be done gradually so this is definitely one to start planning now.

Hair Length

Are you growing your hair? If yes then you will need to talk to your stylist about regular deep conditioning treatments and set appointments for regular trims. It may seem counter productive, but sticking to a strict schedule of trims every four to six weeks will make sure your hair is super healthy.  There’s no point in having long hair if it’s thin and breaking, regular trims will help keep your hair free of nasty split ends.

Considering going short?  By all means, but do not risk doing a short hairstyle that you’ve never had right before the wedding do it right in the beginning so your hair has plenty of time to grow out if you do not like it.

Hair Style

You don’t need to come in with wedding hairstyles 12 months in advance, but it never hurts!

If your stylist has an idea of what you are envisioning, they can advise you better on the path to achieving that look.


Bridal Hair Trial

We would recommend getting your trial done at least 6 weeks before your wedding.  Try and coincide both hair and make up on the same day and maybe also a dress fitting so you can see the final result and ensure you are happy with everything.  Booking your trial for early in the morning is a great way to “test drive” how long your hairstyle and make up stays in pristine condition.

Things to remember for your Hair Trial:


Bring Your Hair Accessories

At your hair trial, you’ll want to recreate the exact look you want for your wedding day so be sure to bring all of your hair accessories with you.  This includes your veil, and any other bridal hair accessories that you have purchased.  After all, you may not end up liking that hair piece once its in your hair, so its better to try your complete look before your wedding day.


Bring Visuals

Telling your stylist what you want is one thing, but showing them is always better.  Bring magazine cut outs, pictures of you with previous styles that you like and other inspiration you have for your bridal hair.  The more ideas you can bring to visually show your stylist what you want, the better!


Speak Up

Many hair stylists mention that one of the primary reasons a bride is unsatisified with her trial is her lack of speaking up and telling them what she does and doesn’t like.  If it isn’t perfect or exactly what you had in mind, tell your stylist.  They will not be offended, they want you to be happy and comfortable with your style as much as you do.

You should also pay careful attention to how your hair reacts after the trial.  Did your curls last or did they fall out quickly? Did you lose any volume? These are all things you’ll want to pay attention to and communicate back to your stylist.


Bridal Beauty

Getting your skin,nails & body glowing is also a big part of your Special Day.

Building up a relationship with your therapist is so important as you get to know each other and your therapist gets to know your skin and what suits it and what doesn’t, what you like and what you don’t like. Arrange a consultation appointment with your therapist so you can both set out a plan re skin, nails etc. for the months ahead.


 Bridal  Make Up

Try and coincide your make up trial with your hair trial for you to see the best results.  If you are wearing tan for your wedding we would recommend that you wear tan the day of your trial.


Bellissimo Nails

Your wedding day is the day your hands change forever – with your wedding ring!

Not surprisingly you are going to want your hands looking as pristine as possible, especially for all those close-up photographs.

It is important to start to prep your nails in advance with regular manicures.  Manicures will help moisturise, nourish & strengthen your nails.



We would suggest doing a trial run before your wedding just so there are no disasters right before the wedding.  Make sure to exfoliate & moisturise well the few days running up to your appointment as this will polish your skin perfectly for the application.

Remember that leg waxing,eyebrow shaping, full pedicures and manicures all need to be done before the day of getting your tan applied.

We would recommend choosing an afternoon or evening appointment – that way you have all evening for the tan to develop.

Wearing loose clothing is recommend on day of application and also choose your footwear carefully as you do not want to put socks on afterwards as they will mark your ankles.

The Morning of your Big Day

We want you to enjoy your pampering the morning of your wedding so ensure when booking your hair & make-up appointments that you have given yourself enough time.

We would advise you to allow up to 2 hours for both your hair & make –up appointments.

Remember to wear a shirt or a zip top when coming into the salon.

Bring in your veil so your stylist can fit it for you or show your bridesmaids what to do.

We do not sell any of the MAC products so when having your make-up trial remember to take notes on lipstick/gloss that your Make Up Artist uses as you will need to touch up those beautiful lips during the day.

And most importantly Enjoy It xx








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