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Hair Colour Correction At Bellissimo Galway & Limerick

If you’ve dyed your hair at home or elsewhere and it has been a disaster, do not worry.  Bellissimo Hair Salons in Galway and Limerick know just how difficult it is to get your perfect hair colour at home, no matter what the adverts say.  Thankfully, our Wella colour masters are experts in fixing hair colour problems and can help return your hair to a beautiful shade and condition.   

Book an appointment as soon as possible, so we can assess your hair and advise you.  We are also specialists in hair colour transformations, so book a consultation to begin your hair colour journey today. 

Please note:  A patch test is required if you are having your hair coloured with us for the first time or if you have not visited in the past 6 months or more.  Your patch test must be carried out at least 48 hours in advance of your colour appointment.

Home Hair Colour Problems

There are a number of things that can go wrong when you colour your hair at home.  Patchy hair colour can occur where the dye has been unevenly applied or has 'taken' too quickly on dry, over-processed hair.   It can also be difficult to achieve the same colour that you see advertised on the box. Blonde hair can turn green or brassy, while brunettes lightening their hair often end up with a strange orange shade!   Don't worry, we will assess individual sections of your hair to work out a plan to ensure you have a lovely even hair colour.


Professional Hair Colour V Box Dye

If you have virgin hair with absolutely no grey then you might be able to get away with using a box dye hair colour but you will risk ending up with a one-dimensional hair colour that looks a bit flat and dull. Our highly skilled experts have trained for years to understand the science behind hair colouring. We can create a hair colour that flatters your complexion rather than a 'one size fits all' approach. We can also blend colours to give you a more natural look, or ramp up the hair colour to give a vibrant, dynamic shade if that is what you desire.


Fix Unwanted Brassy Hair Tones

Another unfortunate side effect of at-home blonde hair dyes is the unwanted green and yellow brassy undertones they can produce.  If your bleach kit or DIY balayage has gone wrong, please book a hair colour correction consultation at a Bellissimo Hair Salon in Galway or Limerick.  Our team will offer you expert, professional and honest advice about the best way to solve your hair colour issues. We really are here to help! Book your complimentary colour consultation today.  Find out more about our Wella hair colour services.

Fixing Box dyed hair at Bellissimo Hair Salons in Limerick and Galway

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Hair Colour Correction at Bellissimo Hair Salons in Limerick & Galway
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Hair Colour Correction Appointments At Bellissimo Hair Salons

Our hair colour experts our ready and waiting to rescue your hair from a box dye disaster!  To book your hair colour correction appointment, call us on 091 568 555 (Bellissimo Galway) or 061 317541 (Bellissimo Limerick).