Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

Shopping for a hairpiece is rarely an excursion women are excited to embark on, but in Bellissimo we endeavour to make it as simple and straight forward as possible. Indeed, past clients have often commented that it is the most enjoyable part of their whole cancer journey. For many it is their first time in the complex so we try ensure that they enjoy the experience as much as possible given the circumstances.

Making your Appointment:
Simply call the salon (061317541) and we will book you in on the next availability (normally within a few days, longer on busy periods). The initial consultation takes one full hour with your stylist. However it is important that you arrive at least 15 minutes to fill out some simple paper work.



What documents do I need to bring with me?
If availing of the “HSE Wig Grant”, you will have to bring
• A referral letter from your doctor (available from your G.P. or local Oncology Dept)
• Your medical card
• Your credit/debit card


Who should I bring with me?
Some women choose to come in alone, which is perfectly ok. It’s a very personal decision. The majority of clients however will bring someone along with them. We suggest only bringing one person along with you; someone whose opinion you value, and who you consider supportive and calm. (We can accommodate two people if needed). We will not allow a group of people into the fitting room. While a show of support is always appreciated, it can get crowded in the room, and too many opinions on the choice of wig can be confusing and ultimately overwhelming to the client. You are more than welcome to bring along an entourage but they will have to wait downstairs during your consult! Don’t worry, they can sit and people watch and sip on a latte as they wait.


Who will be looking after me?
We have three highly trained wig experts. The girls have had training in Limerick, Galway and London and have even been mentored by none other than Trevor Sorbie. They will give you solid practical advice in your choice of piece. The wig experts are also senior stylists in Bellissimo so when your piece arrives it will be styled and personalised to really suit you. Our mantra is every woman has the right to remain stylish. Trust us, you are in good hands.


Where will the consultation happen?
We have a private fitting room upstairs. This is a spacious room, complete with a mirrored hairdressing section and a reclining basin. This area is not wheelchair accessible so please inform reception if you need wheelchair access. In this case the consult will happen in a discreet section in the downstairs salon, separate to the main salon floor. This is not visible from the salon floor.


How do I actually choose my wig?
We have a wide selection of wigs for you to try on. For hygiene purposes you will first be fitted with a wig cap. We also have a large selection of catalogues for your perusal. Most clients will have an idea of what style they are comfortable with. We recommend you listen to your stylist’s advice on what piece to choose, your stylist’s main concern will be your comfort after you leave the salon. We want you to look and feel your best with your hairpiece but we also recognise that it is not a time to take on anything on that requires much maintenance. (ie real hair wigs require styling after each shampoo while synthetic will retain the style after every wash).
As a comfortable alternative to the wig, we also offer a wide selection of turbans and headscarves which are designed specifically for hair loss wearers.


When will I have my wig?
This depends on whether the style you ultimately decide on is in stock or not. We stock higher numbers of the more popular styles. If you decide on a piece that is not in stock then it will normally take up to 7 days for delivery (longer for custom made pieces).
When your piece arrives we will immediately contact you and make the appointment for your fitting. This will be with the same stylist and takes 30-45 minutes. You will be brought again to the private fitting area to try on your piece (or pieces if more than one is ordered). If at this point you are sure you are happy with your choice, your stylist can cut your wig into a more familiar style if you wish. If you are unsure you can take it home and return it within the week in its original condition and we will return it and order you a different piece.


How do I pay for my wig?
1 – You can pay the full cost of the piece and take it home there and then if you wish. If you have private health insurance you can apply for some or all of this figure to be refunded. We will give you receipts and a letter detailing items purchases which you can send to your health care provider.

2 – Medical Card holders can present their card, and can take their piece home there and then. We will also require a photocopy of your credit card along with a doctor’s referral letter (available from the Oncology Dept in the Regional)

3 – You can wait for your health centre to confirm with Bellissimo that you have been approved for a grant. This may take a few weeks. Once we get this confirmation we can release the wig.



Bellissimo,Mount Kennett, Dock Road, Limerick.

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