Erika Salmon

Hours: Wednesday 9:30-6, Thursday 11-8, Saturday 9-5.30

Why did you get into hairdressing?

I always had an interest in creative things, I love hands on, practical learning. And hair was always an interest of mine, from terrorising my cousin’s as a kid wanting to braid and play with their hair, to upstyling friends for debs the interest has always been there.

What aspects are you most passionate about?

I feel like I enjoy trying to figure out what works for clients. So that could be in any avenue…colour , cutting , styling. I loved bit of a challenge and of course knowing that you have made someone feel good about themselves is very gratifying.

Who in the industry do you admire?

I feel like social media has made it so easy to find inspiration..we have so much talent in Ireland I follow alot of Irish hairstylists…it’s hard to choose one or two!
A few internationals I like would be Ben Brown for his great tutorials and visual learning snippets …the same goes for Conojmd, who’s hilarious.
Jessica Gillette for wedding hair ..Wellas hair pages are fab too.

Who’s celeb style do you admire?

Oh I don’t know .I just see things I like ..I love a mix of cool/casual ….boho, summer colours…just easy style with a little fun in there !